Cannabis tissue culture and micropropagation

Rapid Clones specializes in commercial-scale tissue culture and micropropagation of cannabis. Using our technology and expertise, we provide licensed California cultivators with cannabis clones with desirable genetics. We take pride in producing clean, true-to-type, clones to ensure the highest quality end-products reach cannabis consumers in California.

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Superior Cannabis Clones

Rapid Clones produces genetically superior, true-to-type cannabis clones on a commercial-scale. Commercial cultivators can depend on Rapid Clones to meet their needs and streamline their grow operation. Here are just some of the benefits of using cannabis clones produced by Rapid Clones:

Clean plants

Micropropagation produces clean, true-to-type plants to ensure the best products for patients and consumers.  Avoid pathogens without the use of pesticides by starting your grows from Rapid Clones.

Strain preservation

Maintain your strains in sterile conditions.  Conventional mother plants have a finite lifespan and are susceptible to pathogens.  Protect yourself from strain loss by storing your cultures with Rapid Clones.


Rapid Clones tissue culture process produces plants with increased vigor compared to traditionally propagated clones.  Faster vegetative growth shaves off meaningful time to flower.


Rapid Clones brings the latest technology and proprietary processes specifically designed to produce cleaner, stronger plants.  Each variety we produce receives custom gel formulations to ensure healthy multiplication, vigorous rooting, and rapid growth.

Start Your Grow With Rapid Clones

Our clones offer significant ROI for commercial cannabis growers.

  • Increase plant vigor

  • Predictable growth behavior

  • Year-round supply

  • Rapid multiplication

  • Increase plant productivity

  • Genetic stability

  • Pest & disease-free plants

  • No pesticides or insecticides

  • Uniformity of clones

  • Maintenance of germplasm

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